Snow-hit council staff will still be paid

COUNCIL employees who braved the weather to get into work last week have been left furious after stay-at-home colleagues were told they would still get paid.

The Herald has been told that many people who live just minutes away from council offices claimed they were unable to make the journey for much of last week.

But, in an e-mail to staff last Thursday, council chiefs said that no employees would be penalised by losing pay or annual leave.

One council worker said: "I managed to make it into work every day by getting up earlier and shovelling my car out of the snow.

"But there's several people I know who live within half- a-mile of the council offices and just couldn't be bothered to come in to work. They have now effectively been given what amounts to an extra three days holiday.

"Every council department is facing massive cuts and people are worried about their jobs and yet they are wasting all this money.

"I don't know why they couldn't have done it on a case-by-case basis which would have been fairer.

"This means that there is no incentive to come into work whenever there is bad weather."

Council chief executive Gerry Cornes said: "I took the decision that would ensure that no employee was penalised when their efforts to get to work failed in circumstances that saw much of the transport network across Scotland brought to a standstill.

"During the worst of the conditions this week over 97 per cent or our homecare employees reported for word and approximately 67 per cent of our workforce were able to carry out their duties either from their council locations or through arrangements to work from home."