Snow safety fears as man plunges through ice

PARENTS are being advised to warn their children of the dangers of playing on frozen ponds and the Forth and Clyde Canal.

The advice comes after a man fell through ice on the Gadloch, in Lenzie, at the weekend.

Concerned resident Fallon MacLeod (19) said: "I feel the need to make people aware of the dangers of sledging on the Gadloch.

"As my friends and I left Lenzie Golf Course on Sunday we heard girls shouting. We turned round and there were three young girls with their dad, who had fallen through the frozen loch.

"We alerted the ambulance service and, as we kept the youngsters occupied, two other dads helped the man out.

"As we were leaving we tried to warn as many people as we could to walk right round the loch.

"However, I still feel this warning should be more public as, according to the weather forecast, we have more snow to come.

"The man was fine and walked away, but this could have ended very differently.

Community Safety Constable Des Clark said: "I would urge all parents to remind their children not to play on any frozen canals or lochs.

"What appears to the naked eye as being solid could in fact be very thin ice and could quickly lead to a fatal accident.

"Play safe and stay off the ice."