Snow wardens scheme on ice in East Dunbartonshire?

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A SCHEME encouraging people to take matters – and shovels – into their own hands in the event of severe winter weather is still being worked on.

East Dunbartonshire Council’s Snow Wardens scheme has not been permanently shelved, but it has been delayed to allow more research to take place.

Plans were unveiled in October to recruit and train volunteers – through recognised community groups – to help clear snow and gritting pavements in their neighbourhoods.

A spokeswoman for East Dunbartonshire Council confirmed: “Community councils have now been consulted on Snow Wardens and if the public is interested in going ahead, Snow Wardens will be introduced.

“The Community Council Liaison Committee has asked the council to confirm some matters, such as insurance and detail of the list of footway routes which the council already treats.

“If there is an agreement that Snow Wardens should be put in place, information on how people can get involved will be on the council website, Facebook and Twitter.”

She added: “Snow Wardens are all about getting to the parts of the network that the council does not normally treat, but are important to the community.

“The initiative, if it is going to work, needs to be enabled by the council, but co-ordinated and owned by community councils and residents’ associations.”

Meanwhile, the council has clarified the position as regards grit bins in the community.

Anyone looking to make an application for a grit bin can do so through the council website.

However, all the neighbours in the street have to collectively agree to the new grit bin and its position.

A spokesperson stressed: “Residents in East Dunbartonshire have access to over 400 grit bins throughout the area. Should any of these bins become empty, residents can let the council know by phoning 0300 123 410. This number is printed on each bin.”

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