SNP Group accuses LibDems of ‘cosying’ up with Labour and Tories to block their budget

Ian Mackay
Ian Mackay

SNP Group Leader Ian Mackay has accused the recently expelled Liberal Democrat group of ‘cosying up’ to their former Labour and Tory colleagues to block the SNP group’s budget proposals.

He said: “It is amazing the lengths the Labour and Tory administration will go to secure their positions on EDC. Less than two months ago at an acrimonious meeting the administration expelled the Lib Dem councillors from their team and now in an act of self-preservation are prepared to concede previously held opposition positions that the Lib Dems now want to overturn to save their own skins in Milngavie & Bearsden.

“However, I am happy that as a result of these negotiations that two major SNP proposals have now been included in next year’s budgets. Brookwood Library and Villa will not now be sold off and funding for feasibility work on the proposed Rail Halt at the Allander has been included.

“Unfortunately not all of our progressive suggestions have been included. We had suggested if we brought forward by two years the construction of the new Allander Leisure Centre we could have saved over £1.25 million on construction costs.

“Our proposal to cancel the closure and merger plan for primary schools and introduce a 10 year programme which will upgrade or replace schools in their own communities on an individual schools need basis was also defeated. The knock on effect of this will almost certainly see the closure of St Joseph’s in Milngavie.

“In addition, we were unable to convince the administration to include the new rail halts at the Allander, Westerhill & Woodilee in the Capital Budget Plan. In my view by excluding those from the plan will have a negative impact on our chances of securing funding for the rail halts.”