Sorry, people are going too fast so the speed limit is going up!

Charles Kennedy angry that they are moving 30mph signs nearer to village'em'7/10/11
Charles Kennedy angry that they are moving 30mph signs nearer to village'em'7/10/11

SPEEDING drivers are forcing us to raise the speed limit – that seems to be the message for baffled residents of a quiet East Dunbartonshire village

The existing 30mph speed limit on Antermony Road, on the approach to Milton of Campsie, is to be moved closer to the village and will be preceded by a 40mph limit.

But Campsie and Kirkintilloch North councillor Charles Kennedy fears that the move will result in accidents.

The changes have been made as part of a review of speed limits called for by the Scottish Government.

The average speed on Antermony Road and in Balmore Road in Torrance was found to be more than 5mph above the speed limit.

Councillor Kennedy said: “As it stands at the moment, the 30mph speed limit is much further out from the village.

“To move it closer will mean drivers going from the national speed limit down to 30mph just as they come into the village.

“It’s a dangerous road as it is. This will not help and could cause accidents.

“The council is being forced to do this by the Scottish Government.”

Meanwhile, the speed limit is to be raised on the outskirts of Torrance. Councillors agreed to the increase from 30mph to 40mph on Balmore Road on the approach to Kelvinbridge roundabout.

A 30mph limit will be created going into the village’s Main Street.

A pedestrian crossing will also be installed at Kelvinbridge roundabout.

Bishopbriggs North and Torrance councillor Anne McNair has welcomed the pedestrian crossing.

She said: “I had real concerns about the proposed increase to the speed limit.

“The main road running alongside Torrance carries a lot of traffic and even with a 30mph speed limit pedestrians crossing the road have to be extremely careful.

“The council’s decision to create a pedestrian crossing is to be welcomed for safety reasons and should allay fears about the speed and volume of traffic.”

Vehicle activated speed limit signs will also be installed on Antermony Road and Balmore Road.