Sound of silence – residents want hall to be off-limits to bands

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A PLEA to stop bands from practising in a popular hall in a Bishopbriggs community has been rejected by council chiefs.

Around 150 residents signed a petition calling on the council to exclude certain lets from the War Memorial Hall, in Bishopbriggs.

The petition follows concerns from residents about the alleged behaviour of some groups who use the hall in Balmuildy Road – including alleged disturbances in connection with ‘Orange’ flute bands.

However, the council claims backing the petition would breach equalities legislation.

They have now vowed to work with police to help monitor anti-social behaviour around the hall during and after lets.

A concerned resident said: “The council is missing the point. There is nothing discriminatory in refusing bookings of events with a history of disorder. They are a cost to the public purse and should be discouraged.

“The local residents have no issue with events which do not have this kind of disorder attached to them.”

Bishopbriggs North and Torrance councillor Una Walker said: “The residents who live in and around Balmuildy Road tell me they are plagued occasionally with anti-social behaviour problems from some people who have the let of the hall for band practices or competitions.

“The council have taken the view that it would be discriminatory to refuse these particular lets, but have agreed to put extra staff on duty to monitor the situation should this type of let be requested again.

“I will also be alerting the police should this let be granted in future and asking for extra attention.

“The concerns of local people must be given equal if not greater weight in this matter.”

Grace Irvine, head of assets and property services at the council, said, “We understand the concerns of the petitioners and will work with the police to see how behaviour in the streets around the hall will be monitored during and after lets.

“The council’s letting policy for this and other premises is based around principles of fairness and equality. To agree to the petitioners’ request would put the council in breach of equalities legislation.”

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