‘Specs’ appeal to raise awareness of hearing problems

Specsavers in Kirkintilloch are holding a special ‘hearing week’ this week until Sunday 27 March.

The audiology experts at Specsavers Hearing Centre, which normally holds a hearing clinic one day a week, will extend its services for the dedicated week - offering seven consecutive days of hearing checks and advice.

Locals can make appointments throughout the week with the store’s hearing specialist.

Stephen Kelman, director of audiology at the Specsavers Hearing Centre, says: “We are holding the hearing week to help raise awareness of hearing loss in the area and remind people that there is expert advice available to them.

“I would urge anyone in Kirkintilloch who has concerns about their hearing to book an appointment.

“The store’s weekly hearing clinic takes place every Monday but appointments will be available throughout our dedicated hearing week to enable us to see as many people as possible.”

To book an appointment during the hearing week or for a Monday clinic call 0141 776 9920, drop into the store or book online at www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/kirkintilloch