Staff asked to park more considerately

Parking problems
Parking problems

Fed-up residents say that council staff are still clogging up residential streets - despite their bosses urging them to use a car park just minutes’ walk away from their office.

A temporary car park which was previously used by people working at East Dunbartonshire Council’s Southbank Marina HQ, in Kirkintilloch, closed recently to allow work to start on the new Lairdsland Primary School.

Employees have been told to use the car park in nearby Tom Johnston House instead, but residents say they are turning a blind eye to the warning.

One Southbank Drive resident said: “They are all still parking in the street and in parking spaces that are meant to be reserved for Enterprise House.

“It’s just sheer laziness - it’s really turning into a battle for people to get parked outside their own homes because of it.

Ann Davie, the council’s director of customer service and transformation, said: “Some car parking spaces are still provided at the Marina for those who use and visit the building.

“Since the closure of the temporary overspill car park, which was well publicised, employees have been encouraged via several

internal communications to take advantage of the parking facility at Tom Johnston House. They have also been asked to be considerate of local residents and businesses when choosing where to leave their cars.

Residents concerned about illegal parking should report this to the police. Further reminders will be sent out to remind employees to show consideration for our neighbours.”