Stephanie’s maps to millinery move is a winner

Stephanie Gallen
Stephanie Gallen

A Lenzie mum of two who previously worked in Geographic Information Systems has ditched her old career to found a business making hats.

Stephanie Gallen took a course in 2012 at Glasgow City College in millinery and built up a reputation for modern, unfussy and fashion-forward headgear.

This success inspired her to launch a full-time business as a milliner from her home-studio in Lenzie.

Initially selling in small artisan outlets, over the few years Stephanie has aimed to establish herself as the go-to milliner for hats with a youthful and wearable style.

Starting off a few years ago as a creative hobby, Stephanie is now turning her attention to the burgeoning business full-time with a growing client list.

She is creating two ready-to-wear collections per year and has numerous bespoke clients for weddings and garden parties, catering for the twenty-something to the eighty-something.

Her passion is to prove artisanship, making millinery wearable and accessible to those who want a piece that isn’t on the high street, but is still on-trend.

Stephanie’s wearable hats and fascinators are all handmade to order, catering to a variety of needs and budgets, and designed for customers looking for uniquely fashionable headpieces.