Stepping up the war on dog poo

A campaign has been launched by a concerned

residents’ group in a bid to clamp down on dog fouling in their local park.

The issue was raised at a recent event that looked at enhancing Etive Park, in the Woodhill area of Bishopbriggs.

Woodhill Residents’ Group chairman Donald MacDonald said: “The amount of dog poo in the park is absolutely outrageous.

“At our meeting it was far and away the number one issue.

“We believe it is potentially dangerous and extremely unpleasant”,

“All we want is for irresponsible dog owners to follow the example of the majority of dog walkers, who bring a bag and pick up after their dogs. ”

According to Donald there are a number of avoidance techniques used by the inconsiderate few.

He said: “Some pretending to check their mobile phone, walking away quickly to make people think it’s not their dog.

“Also, affecting an air of astonishment that their dog might be about to poo and pretending they have a bag usually but not on this occasion for some strange and inexplicable reason. These are the usual tactics.”

The residents’ group has now launched a ‘Report-A-Poo’ service on its website (

This is so the specific times can be identified in order that the problem can be better policed by community wardens and irresponsible dog owners be caught. The group also wants people to report the breed of dog.

Donald added: “We hope to work with the council to stamp out this problem once and for all.

“We want to improve the park and this is one problem which is standing in our way.

“At the meeting it was clearly the number one issue.

“What’s more is that these complaints mostly came from dog owners who are tired of watching others act irresponsibly.”