Stunned shopper given out-of-date cash after bank mix-up

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SUM-thing really didn’t add up for a Kirkintilloch woman who withdrew £400 for a shopping spree – and was given obsolete notes.

The unsuspecting woman tried to spend some of the money in a shop in Kirkintilloch . . . but they refused to accept the cash.

The red-faced customer quickly left the premises and went straight back to the Santander branch in Kirkintilloch’s Cowgate where she had withdrawn the funds.

They apologised and replaced the notes, but the shopper has expressed concern at the blunder.

The drama began last Wednesday, May 16, at around 9.30am when she took out £400 from her account – receiving £100 in £10 notes and £300 worth of £20s.

However, she was unaware that some of the notes – featuring composer Sir Edward Elgar – had been withdrawn from circulation back in June 2010.

The woman said: “I was totally shocked. All I could think about was what if I was away on holiday and I was stuck with this money.

“When I went into a nearby shop, the cashier told me we can’t accept this money and was just shaking her head. I am just so surprised that a bank would issue this.”

A spokesperson for Santander explained that the money had been handed into the bank and due to human error had mistakenly been given to the woman.

Staff in the branch had been dealing with another customer at the same time who became unwell and it is believed this is where the confusion may have occurred.

The spokesperson added: “We are very sorry for any inconvenience that the customer was caused.

“We are pleased that the branch staff apologised and rectified the mistake as soon as they were made aware.”

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