Swinson’s back at Westminster

The Lib Dem’s Jo Swinson will be the new MP for East Dunbartonshire after beating the SNP’s John Nicolson by a landslide.

Ms Swinson received 21.023 votes, a majority of 5,339 over Mr Nicolson who received 15,684, 10 per cent less than in 2015.

The candidates await the result at the Bishopbriggs Leisuredrome

The candidates await the result at the Bishopbriggs Leisuredrome

It was at that election he ousted Ms Swinson, the sitting MP for a decade. In her winner’s speech Ms Swinson admitted she had been left “gutted” by the loss.

The Conservative’s Sheila Mechan polled 7,563, with Labour’s Callum McNally attracting 7,531 votes.

Speaking after her election victory, Ms Swinson said: “I’m feeling absolutely delighted, the result tonight has been something that I couldn’t have necessarily expected.

“I was working incredibly hard to win the seat again because I want to be the MP for East Dunbartonshire. It’s the job that I’ve loved the most out of everything that I’ve done.

“I’m so happy that I will be able to do that again, working for local people and helping individuals, also taking up local community issues that are causing difficulty.

“And of course contributing on the national stage to these really big issues of Brexit and Scotland’s future in the UK which I know so many people have raised with me on the doorsteps.”

Mr Nicolson paid tribute to the police in East Dunbartonshire to protect and defend our vigorous democracy.

He said: “It’s at times like this and the terrible events we have witnessed recently that we realise how very privileged we are to live in such a wonderful society - this society that is East Dunbartonshire.

“We’ve had more than 5,000 conversations on the door during this constituency campaign and it’s been a privilege to meet so many people.

“This of course has not been the SNP’s night in East Dunbartonshire but there will be other nights.”

Ms Swinson, who is tipped as a future Lib Dem leader, is looking forward to being back.

She said: “I’m looking forward to working with people who voted for me and people who didn’t vote for me as well.

“I will do what I can for residents in this area.

“It feels really special to be serving East Dunbartonshire again and with a larger majority than I’ve had in any previous election.

“I really just want to say thankyou to people - you’ve put your trust in me to do my best for the area and that’s exactly what I’ll do.”