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T in the Park
T in the Park

With hours to go until T in the Park kicks off, NHS 24 is urging festival goers to look after their health and make the most of the event - advising visitors to plan ahead and take a few essential items for dealing with illness.

NHS 24 Medical Director Professor George Crooks said: “Summer festivals are great places to meet people and enjoy music with friends but try and remember to pack a few small items with you in case you do become unwell. Take some over the counter medication with you for stomach upsets or diarrhoea and take a simple painkiller such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

“It is also really important to have sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher and antiseptic hand gel or wipes are always handy to have at outdoor events, as are things like a supply of pads or tampons and if there is possibility of having sex take some condoms to avoid the risk of sexually transmitted infection.”

He added; “Plan ahead remember to take all your prescription medicine with you to last till you get home, if you use inhalers always keep them handy and think of things like hay fever medication if you are a sufferer.

“Don’t ruin your weekend by drinking far too much too quickly. Try alternating soft drinks or water for alcoholic ones on a regular basis over the day and don’t forget to eat regularly. You don’t want to miss out on seeing your favourite bands by feeling unwell with the effects of too much alcohol.

“If you do become ill, go with a friend to the nearest First Aid area. Remember there is safety in numbers. Never leave your drink unattended, never leave friends on their own and don’t wander off by yourself. Organise a meeting point if you get split up and stay with people you know.”

“By taking simple steps, you can help minimise or even prevent minor health problems from ruining your weekend. Stay safe and have a happy time at T in the Park.”