Take a stroll back into the past of Kirkintilloch

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WALK this way if you want a guided tour of your town...

That’s the offer from Kirkintilloch & District Society of Antiquaries, who will hold a special historic walk around Kirkintilloch next week to celebrate the town’s incredible past.

The town walk will set off from William Patrick Library and will take in a number of places which have played a vital role in Kirkintilloch’s history.

Don Martin, of Kirkintilloch & District Society of Antiquaries, said: “This walk is one of four staged by Kirkintilloch Antiquaries in 2011 to commemorate the burgh’s 800th anniversary.

“Beginning outside the William Patrick Library some time will be spent in the Cross area to describe its supreme importance.

“From the cross the walk will proceed southwards along Cowgate and Townhead, describing significant historical sites along the way.

“At the foot of Union Street it will be shown how Lloyds’ Pharmacy was actually one of the last of Kirkintilloch’s old pubs, before the town went dry in 1921.

“At the top of Broadcroft the famous ‘Pavement Dispute’ of 1904 (in the vicinity of the Watson fountain) will be described.

“At the foot of Kerr Street there will be an explanation of a toll dispute of the 1840s. There, and at other stops along the way, the significance of the historical placards recently erected by the G66+ Live group will be explained.

“At the canal there will be an account of the shipbuilding which took place at the yard nearby and there will be an explanation of the significance of the Eagle Inn, a canal-side hostelry still standing.

“In Townhead the walk will finish with an explanation of the history of former churches in the vicinity of the Antonine.”

The town walk begins at 7.30pm on Thursday, August 18.

Kirkintilloch became a Burgh of Barony in 1211 and a range of celebrations have been organised this year.