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St Matthew's PS Bishopbriggs.
St Matthew's PS Bishopbriggs.

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50 YEARS AGO - November 21, 1962

A NEW machine known as a ‘Robophone’ was installed at Stepps Police Office.

The Stepps office was the first in Lanarkshire to have such a gadget - one of only a handful in Scotland.

A police spokesperson said: “The idea is when the station is unattended, anyone calling the police by telephone is connected to the machine which automatically plays a recording of one of the station officer’s voices.

“The recording lets the caller know that the station is unmanned and that if their call is urgent they are to contact the Rutherglen police. But, if the call is of a less urgent nature, the machine will be able to take a recording of any messages.”

TWO Kirkintilloch teenagers faced custodial sentences after admitting taking a stolen bus on an impromptu tour of Stirlingshire.

40 YEARS AGO - November 23, 1972

A BUILD-UP of gas was blamed for an explosion that ripped through a pulveriser plant in Bishopbriggs causing over £4,500 in damage.

At a meeting of Bishopbriggs Town Council burgh surveyor Wilbert Neil revealed the findings of a preliminary investigation into the accident.

He said: “The explosion took place within the building and not at the machine itself. Fortunately no employee was hurt.

“I am not at this time able to say how the explosion occured but the plant is adequately insured.

“We are trying very hard to get to the bottom of this. A build-up of gas obviously caused this, but which gas we don’t know.

“There is no damage to the structure of the pulveriser and we hope to be pulverising again by the start of next week.”

A JOB as a dining room maid was being advertised in the Herald classified section - with a starting salary of £17.04 for a 40-hour week.

30 YEARS AGO - November 24, 1982

BAKER Alex McDonald joined more than 16,000 other runners for the New York Marathon.

Alex, owner of Kirkintilloch’s Merkland Home Bakery, completed the route in a time of 4h22m and raised cash for a number of charities in the process - including Strathkelvin Talking Newspaper Association and Lennox Castle Rehabilitation Project.

He said: “I wasn’t too happy with the time but I didn’t get the chance to do the training I would have liked to have done before leaving for New York.

“All I was really concentrating on was finishing the course and not letting any of the charities at home down.”

The race had a memorable start, with more than 30 helicopters hovering over the runners as they set off.

RS McColls, in Kirkintilloch’s Cowgate, were selling 41 different Star Wars action figures for £1.40 each.

20 YEARS AGO - November 25, 1992

THERE was anger after a motion to ban smoking in all council meetings was passed by just ONE vote.

Conservative councillor Billy Hendry led the charge, calling on his fellow councillors to “set a good example”.

He added: “The advantages would far outweigh the disadvantages. Smoking is extremely life-threatening, for both the smoker and those who are forced to inhale the fumes.”

But Councillor Jimmy Hotchkiss argued that it was a step too far.

He said: “All the arguments are that smoking is bad for you, but so is car pollution, pollution from British industry and pollution from nuclear establishments.

“The economy of this country would very nearly collapse without the taxation from cigarettes.”

A CONSULTATION was being held on plans to pedestrianise Kirkintilloch Town Centre.

10 YEARS AGO - November 27, 2002

A GENEROUS painting and decorating company were offering a great Chirstmas gift for a deserving pensioner.

George McLetchie, from Stepps Decorators, came up with the bright idea of decorating a room for somebody who really deserved a treat but could’t afford the cost.

He promised to provide all the materials and labour, and to make sure the room was one the winner could be proud of.

He said: “Most of my customers come from the area so I would like to give something back to the area.”

Nominees were asked to write into the Herald saying, in 30 words or less, why they deserved the prize.

POLICE were investigating after a cigarette vending machine was stolen from Hayston Golf Club.

Did you know?

ST Flannan’s Church, in Kirkintilloch, was built between 1968 and 1970 on the site of a temporary church building which had served the community since 1952.

OLD DAYS (pictured): Pupils and staff from St Matthew’s Primary School, Bishopbriggs, are pictured on a visit to Lourdes in 1967.

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