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HORSE POWER: A manure vendor takes his cart around the streets of Bishopbriggs in May,1970. Photos courtesy of East Dunbartonshire information and archives
HORSE POWER: A manure vendor takes his cart around the streets of Bishopbriggs in May,1970. Photos courtesy of East Dunbartonshire information and archives

STORIES from the archives of the Herald...

50 YEARS AGO - August 29, 1962

CAMPSIE Horticultural Society’s first show for 23 years was hailed a massive success after being opened by Lady Stirling in Lennoxtown’s Memorial Hall.

Poor weather couldn’t put a dampener on proceedings as the show attracted close to record numbers of entries.

Chairman Mr J Cliffe said: “It is very gratifying to the committee to see so many people here today and also so many exhibits.

“It has been a very difficult year for gardeners and yet, as you can see, there are some lovely blooms and vegetables.”

Lady Stirling, who accepted her invitation to open the show by letter while visiting Jerusalem, said: “It is so good to see such a good display. The Society was founded around 100 years ago. Now revived, it has brought much brighter gardens to the town. I hope the Society will continue successfully for many years to come.”

ARTICLES for sale in the Herald’s classified section included two easy chairs for £2 and a one-ton concrete coal bunker for £10.

40 YEARS AGO - August 30, 1972

THERE was a poison scare in the Greens area of Kirkintilloch after an amateur gardener mistakenly identified plants collected by young children as deadly nightshade.

The youngsters gathered the attractive purple flowers in scrubland near the Loaning and once the alarm was raised a cutting was rushed to the Burgh’s park department.

Later Bailie Gordon Wallace reassured parents that it was not the lethal plant beloved of crime writers - just a similar looking “hedge creeper”.

He said: “The parents are to be praised for drawing attention to what could have been a dangerous situation. The whole area is a favourite play area of children from the Greens and if the plant had been deadly nightshade it could have led to a tragic accident.”

DUNBARTONSHIRE Education Committee allocated £260,875 for the construction of a new Gartconner Primary School.

30 YEARS AGO - September 1, 1982

THE stately Campsie Glen Hotel, in Lennoxtown, was reduced to a smouldering ruin by a huge fire in the early hours of the morning.

Fire crews from Bishopbriggs, Kirkintilloch and Kilsyth fought desperately for nearly two hours to bring the blaze under control.

The alarm was raised at around 3am but luckily there were no guests staying in the hotel.

The fire had led to many wedding and party organisers desperately looking for alternative venues.

A spokesperson for Stakis Hotels was quick to offer a solution, saying: “We are trying to contact the owners of the Campsie Glen in an effort to find out if the manager was able to salvage the hotel diary.

“If so we will ask him to let us have the details and we will do all we can to help the people who have booked weddings and so on there.”

HAIRDRESSING salon ‘Femme Fatale’ opened in Lenzie - offering ear piercing, manicuring and a “special opening perm offer”.

20 YEARS AGO - September 2, 1992

A POLICE operation to snare unsuspecting car thieves was launched in Strathkelvin.

Operation Hyena had already reduced car crime in Glasgow’s city centre by 40 per cent and police chiefs hoped for similar results in Bishopbriggs.

The police trap offered an unmarked car with a number of valuables on display as bait.

The vehicle was put under police surveillance, with the thief not knowing which cars were being watched.

A police spokesperson said: “Almost 50 per cent of crime in Strathkelvin is car related. We are hoping the scheme is as successful here as it has been in Glasgow. Initially the scheme will target the Bishopbriggs area but it will also cover Kirkintilloch, Moodiesburn, Muirhead and any other part of Strathkelvin where there is a problem.”

MORE Stores, on Kirkintilloch’s Cowgate, was offering Bart Simpson boxer shorts for 79p and Argyle socks for 59p a pair.

10 YEARS AGO - September 4, 2002

POLITICAL firebrand Tommy Sheridan gave his backing to the Save Stobhill campaign.

The Scottish Socialist MSP told the Herald that the Scottish Executive could reverse the decision to scrap hospital services - just as it had reversed a decision to close Peterhead Prison.

He said: “A motion on the floor of the parliament to reject the plans would put a democratic spoke in this whole undemocratic process.

“We have a situation where an unelected quango, and a single minister, take a decision that affects communities right across Glasgow. It’s not on. Two Accident and Emergency units for the whole of Glasgow is not good enough. Everybody agrees with that, except the board and the minister.”

HERALD readers kicked up a stink after a pungent smell hung over Kirkintilloch.

It was discovered that the source was treated sewage sludge being spread on farmer’s fields.

Did you know?

WOODHEAD Park, in Kirkintilloch, was opened by Sir Iain Colquhoun of Luss in July 1931.

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