Take the first step to helping others improve their health

Volunteers are being sought to help in an initiative that aims to help improve people’s health and well-being.

Recruits are needed to put their best foot forward and help East Dunbartonshire Council’s walk development officer lead health walks across the area.

Health walks are an ideal way to keep physically active as well as being fun, free and sociable.

They are low level and suitable for everyone who want to become active, but also perfect for anyone recovering from a health issue or injury.

A number of walks are already established across the area which last between 30 minutes and an hour but volunteers are needed to take on the role of walk leader or assistant leader.

Councillor Anne Jarvis, chair of EDLC Trust, explained: “With spring now here it would be great to get lots of people involved and exploring the many great walks we have in East Dunbartonshire. To do this we need more volunteers to come forward and take part in training to become walk leaders.

“The role of walk leader is ideal for someone who enjoys being physically active and spending time outdoors. Once volunteer walk leaders are trained they will be able to risk assess and plan their own routes while still being offered support from our walk development officer.

“Health walks are quickly becoming established in the community and are popular with people wanting to become active as well as recovering from periods of ill health so volunteer walk leaders must have a willingness to help others.”

If you want to participate, volunteer or are interested in starting up a health walk, contact walk development officer Andy Lynch on 07919624722 or email Andy.Lynch@eastdunbarton.gov.uk.