Tasty result for first time author

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A former dental nurse and first time author has had a short story published in one of America’s best-selling book series.

The Chicken Soup for the Soul series has sold 500 million copies since 1993, and Karen Lewis (38) has had her short story, The Dead Body, published in a recent inspirational volume on friendships.

Karen, who lives in Woodstock Avenue in Kirkintilloch, has spent the past seven years travelling and working abroad with her husband Chris, a volunteer missionary, currently working in Harestanes.

Before that she was a dental nurse in two Kirkintilloch practices, the Oaktree and David McCulloch’s.

Now a mature student, Karen, who grew up in Eastfield, Cumbernauld, and went to Greenfaulds High School, had never written before and her story is the unlikely true tale of finding a friend when she found a dead body.

Her short story was her first attempt and she’s thrilled with the result.

She said: ‘‘I sent in the story and didn’t really expect to hear anything, but thought if you don’t give it a go you won’t. I thought I would take the positive step and send it in.

‘‘I got an email saying it was in the final round and then one saying it would be published.

‘‘It feels really good. I would really like to do more of this.’’

Karen stated out her writing career by blogging, and regularly contributes travel articles to a Californian online magazine, kingsriverlife.com

While she is happy to write on almost any subject, true life stories are her greatest love, and the focus for her first published short story. It is based on a real event which happened when she and her husband were working in Mexico.

She added: ‘‘I definitely would encourage other people to try to write. It was my first story to get written and I was surprised to get it published, but have been inspired to write more.’’

The Chicken Soup for the Soul book, called, Just Us Girls, is available to buy from Amazon UK and book shops.