Taxi driver ‘inches from death’ after pipe plunge

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A SHAKEN driver spoke of his horror after a freak accident caused a heavy piece of iron piping to crash through his car’s windscreen.

Phil Wallace was parked in Townhead, Kirkintilloch, at around 8am on Tuesday, January 3, as storm-force winds lashed East Dunbartonshire.

The Company Cars taxi driver was left with no time to shield himself when the piping fell from the building above and crashed through the windscreen of his car - narrowly missing his head.

He was left badly shaken by the ordeal but, amazingly, was otherwise completely uninjured.

Police later sealed off the street to prevent injuries should more ironwork or masonry fall.

Speaking to the Herald shortly after his remarkable escape, Phil said: “I was just sitting there in the car and it all happened so quickly.

“It’s amazing that I wasn’t seriously hurt.”

East Dunbartonshire Council has confirmed to the Herald that the piping fell from the derelict former Co-op building.