Teen’s ‘fake’ bus ticket nightmare

Eilidh McLaren
Eilidh McLaren

Teenage student Eilidh McLaren was horrified when bus inspectors told her the monthly season ticket she had just bought was a fake.

Worse was to come when the Lennoxtown girl was then issued with a £30 fine and given 21 days to pay.

The nightmare for the cash-strapped student began on Monday when she travelled on the X85 First Glasgow bus service to college in the city centre.

Eilidh, of Morrison Drive, had forked out £48.50 for her student season ticket just the day before at her local 
Co-op store.

She said: “I have been buying this season ticket for the past year and half.

“I got on the bus at 11am. Everything was fine until the inspectors got on at Lenzie. They asked me where I got my ticket, then said it was a fake and would have to take it off me to investigate.

“It was so embarrassing.They then fined me £30 and told me if I didn’t pay within 21 days, it would go up to £60.”

Eilidh didn’t have enough money to get home and was issued with a token by the bus company.

But she had to pay £5.50 the next day to get to Glasgow.

Eilidh said: “I was so annoyed. I went to the Co-op to ask them about it. They said they had a new system of printing the ticket and said it should have been accepted.

“I want to highlight this so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Eilidh also complained to the bus firm when she got home. The Herald contacted both the Co-op and First Glasgow last Thursday.

A spokeswoman from the bus company said Eilidh’s complaint would be looked into. That evening, a representative from the firm arrived at the teenager’s home with a new season ticket for the month plus an extra two weeks.

Eilidh said: “He apologised and said he was delivering new tickets to two other people in the area, so I was not the only one affected.”

A spokesperson for First Glasgow said: “I can confirm that a suspected fraudulent ticket was removed from a customer travelling on service X85 on Monday, November 18 around midday.

“Unfortunately, this was done in error. We have apologised to, and compensated, the customer concerned.”

A Co-op spokesman added: “The barcode on the season ticket is the crucial information. It is now printed on the front of the ticket but it is still valid and should have been accepted.”

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