Teen vandals run riot in Lenzie

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Vandals have been causing havoc for residents in a picturesque part of Lenzie.

There have been complaints of fights breaking out between groups of teenagers camping out overnight at Bothlin Burn at Initiative Road.

They have also been targeting nearby homes, throwing chairs and ornaments into the burn.

Some of them even climbed up the wall of a house and left garden furniture on the roof.

One resident said: “We have been woken up as early as 5.30am with them all singing and shouting.

“It happens every weekend and sometimes there are up to 40 youngsters there. They are all teenagers, around the ages of 14 and 15 and a mixture of boys and girls.

“Question is, do their parents know what they are up to? Do they know they are camping out here?”

The situation has become so bad that residents have installed CCTV cameras at their properties.

They have also complained to the police, who they say, have been out on several occasions - but the teenagers just return.