Teens trash church garden

Vandalism at Bearsden Baptist Church
Vandalism at Bearsden Baptist Church

Heartless vandals have caused costly damage to two wooden carvings in the garden at Bearsden Baptist Church on Roman Road.

The culprits, a large group of teenagers who met there to smoke and drink alcohol on Saturday (October 7), scrawled rude drawings and symbols on the Roman soldier.

Only a few months ago the wooden beaver’s head was cut off as well.

CCTV camera footage which was captured at the church shows about 20 youths, male and female, entering the garden on Saturday at 6pm carrying plastic bags.

They were in the garden for about half an hour.

The damage was discovered the following day along with empty beer cans and cigarette butts as well as extinguished bonfires.

The garden is open to the public and is frequently used by the children who attend Maxholme Nursery at the church and local schoolchildren for their outdoor learning lessons.

The reflection and sensory garden with the wooden carvings opened last August and was funded by Stalled Spaces Scotland - which aims to transform under-used green spaces into community gardens.

East Dunbartonshire Council was one of seven authorities awarded funding to deliver Stalled Spaces Scotland - a Legacy 2014 programme, supported by Architect and Design Scotland (A&DS) and the Scottish Government.

Bearsden Baptist Church administrator, Joe McCrumb, said: “We wanted to enhance the community and offer a pleasant place for children and adults to enjoy nature and these lovely sculptures.

“It’s regrettable because we want to reach out to people and have a postive impact in the area.

“We’d like the people who did this to come along to the church.

“We invite them to join us rather than trash what we have and spoil it for everyone else.

“There are no plusses for anyone when vandalism is carried out, it just means that people can’t enjoy the lovely garden.”

The cost of the repair is not known yet and the church is not sure how this will be funded.

The police are investigating and they would be keen to hear from anyone who saw anything.

Please phone Kirkintilloch Police Office on 101.