Tenant calls for action to tackle ‘health hazard’

The dumped rubbish
The dumped rubbish

An angry tenant is calling for urgent action to remove a huge mound of rubbish she says was left dumped in her garden by a former neighbour.

Janet Gray of Meiklehill Road, in Kirkintilloch, has counted at least 50 bin bags of household waste which were abandoned in the back yard several weeks ago.

She says the bags are a health hazard.

Despite the rubbish beginning to smell, Janet claims East Dunbartonshire Council’s environmental health department delayed cleaning up the mess.

She shares the back garden at the four-in-a-block Hillhead Housing Association terraced property.

One of the tenants moved out several weeks ago.

She said: “They told me they have to give the previous tenant time to collect the rubbish but she moved out at the end of June! It is obvious it has been abandoned.

“It’s a disgrace. The garden is shared. Why should I have to live with this health hazard? The rubbish is piled high to the windows.

“It has been so hot and the stench from it is making me feel ill. I can’t go out in my garden.”

Janet said some of the bags have been ripped open by foxes or rats during the night.

She added: “No one seems to care and I have just had enough.”

Evonne Bauer, Community Protection Manager said: “The house was visited by our environmental health officer on July 17.

“A number of household items were found in the back garden, including black bags, which seemed to belong to the previous tenant.

“The officer immediately contacted the housing association and was advised that they are required to give the tenant a reasonable period of time to remove their possessions before action can be taken.

“We will continue to work with the housing association to have this matter resolved as soon as possible.”