Tenants kick up a stink over rubbish

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Residents at Burns Court in Kirkintilloch say a communal bin which has lain unemptied for weeks is now a health hazard.

The rubbish has built up so much the large bin in the shed on the ground floor is overflowing. Black bags have been ripped open and the tenants fear vermin will move in.

Despite numerous phone calls of complaint to East Dunbartonshire Council by pensioner Mary Nisbet (66) and her son David, they say no one has come to uplift the rubbish.

Improvement work is being carried out by the council to the outside of the flats which are surrounded by scaffolding.

Mary said: “I am sick of it. As well as the problem with the overflowing bin, bits of rubble have been falling as a result of work being carried out to the building.

“This has been happening since the scaffolding went up in October. It’s dangerous, an absolute disgrace.

“The stench from the bins can be smelt in our flat on the first floor. It’s health hazard.”

A council spokesman said: “We are sorry to hear of this family’s concerns. There have been some issues with bins due to ongoing building work, however, at no time were they left unemptied for three weeks. Unfortunately, a number of items were illicitly dumped in the bin area, such as mattresses and carpets. I am pleased to confirm those items have now been removed and the bins are being emptied three times a week.

“Due to the recent weather and work taking place in the area, the garden area around Burns Court has become muddy. We have, however, taken action to clean the walkways to the closes and our contractor will make it a priority to keep the area free from debris. Small sections of the existing render are being removed to facilitate the new façade. Rest assured, every effort is being made to ensure this is done safely. East Dunbartonshire Council is investing £3.5 million in transforming the homes at Burns Court and we hope that when the work is complete in the summer the residents will be delighted with the results.”