Terrified family escape haunted house “horror movie” in Kirkintilloch!

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A SPITEFUL spirit has left a young mum and her children starring in their own “horror movie” after a reign of terror.

Terrified Ashley Summers (26) has called in a priest and a spiritualist to try and flush the unwanted guest out.

But so far the restless spirit has refused to go.

The ghost has hurled shoes and other objects about the house, slammed doors, moved furniture, issued “death rattles” late at night and made lights flicker.

Now Ashley and her two sons, Lee (8) and David (4), are fleeing the home they have lived in for the past seven years.

The young mum told the Herald: “It’s like living in a horror movie.”

Ashley claims the ghost has even tugged covers from her bed and vandalised one of her photos.

She also believes the ghost is trying to make contact with her youngest son.

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