The day Kirky man Bill came to the aid of the Bee Gees

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THE recent death of Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb has brought back memories for a pensioner who once came to the superstars’ aid.

Bill McNiff (82), from Kirkintilloch, owned a garage in Glasgow in the early 1970s and was stunned to receive an urgent request from the AA early one New Year’s Day.

He explained: “It was just after the Bells and I got a call to go and mend the Bee Gees’ car. When my family found out they all wanted to meet them, so they all came down to the garage.

“Robin was afraid of flying, so they had to drive to the ferry to get over to a concert in Germany. They said that if they didn’t make it over they would lose £40,000.”

Bill added: “They were very nice people and I was sorry to hear of Robin’s death.

“I remember he ate some sweeties from the garage, but was good enough to leave money behind for them.”

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