The new Bearsden Community Hub is taking shape

Bearsden community hub
Bearsden community hub

Our photographer Emma Mitchell took this picture this week of the former Bearsden Burgh Hall - which is currently being transformed into a Community Hub.

This shows the progress that is being made with the the £3 million project - as you can see the windows are being installed now.

The new building, which is being upgraded throughout, will bring together a range of council, library, leisure and cultural services under one roof. It will also contain new public meeting rooms, social work facilities and new public toilets.

The building will also include the re-provisioning of the library and community archives from Brookwood as well as enhanced hall facilities.

A customer services area will deliver a new, ‘one stop shop’ approach to make it easier for residents to access and get information about a variety of different council services and make payments for them in just one visit.

It is due to be completed in early 2017.