The perfect pint on tap that leaves you free to drive home

A Bishopbriggs social club reckons it has the perfect solution to enjoying the taste of a pint without the negative effects of alcohol.

And it hopes its draught alcohol-free lager will mean the tasty antidote to drink-driving will be on tap for anyone who wants it.

Beer tasting at Cadder Freestone

Beer tasting at Cadder Freestone

Cadder Freestone Social Club thinks it is one of the first to introduce Bitburger Drive lager on draught in Scotland, and says it goes down a treat for those who want the taste of beer without getting drunk.

It also appeals to drinkers who still want to have a pint and feel left out with just a soft drink in their glass, but also want to be socially responsible.

Since the new lower drink drive limit was introduced licensed premises across Scotland have seen their sales fall.

Manager Tina Taylor said: ‘‘It’s good news in a way because people are being responsible but it is bad news as it is affecting the drinks trade. We’re doing something to help the situation.’’

Tina says the lager is different from other competitors as it actually tastes like the real deal.

‘‘Sometimes these drinks taste nasty, but the guys have tried this and have actually been quite impressed.’’

The club says it has had positive feedback from Police Scotland and East Dunbartonshire licensing officers over its plan to boost numbers but stay within the law.