Theatre show with an edible set in Bearsden

Edible theatre set
Edible theatre set

A theatre production which features Scotland’s first ‘living stage’ with an edible set made of herbs is coming to Bearsden next week.

Heston Blumenthal would be impressed by this outdoor show called ‘Uprooted’, which is for children and families, and combines live performance, music and living plants with innovative stage design.

The eco-friendly production features Scotland’s first ‘living stage’ - a recyclable, biodegradable and edible set created from locally found, reclaimed materials.

Part theatre show, garden and art installation, audiences will get the chance to nibble on plants from the home-grown set, smelling herbs, and sampling drinks.

The production explores what it means to be uprooted in the 21st century, our connection to home, and what happens when we become disconnected from a habitat, a way of life, from each other and from nature. It follows a family’s journey from leaving behind their home and an old way of life, to new beginnings.

Scott Hill, chair of EDLC Trust, said: “Uprooted aims to reconnect audiences with the joy of the natural world in a unique and fun fashion. It is just one of a number of exciting events the Trust is putting on for children and families this summer.”

Councillor Vaughan Moody, depute convener of development and regeneration, added: “I would encourage children and young people to come along to this production which aims to get them to engage with their natural environment, green issues and sustainability.

“But please remember, this is an outdoor performance so wear suitable clothing for the Scottish summer.”

Uprooted, which is aimed at children aged seven and above, will be appearing at Kilmardinny Arts Centre, Bearsden, at 11am and 2pm on Friday, August 7.

Tickets for both performances are still available at a cost of £3.

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