Theft generates bad feeling

Bearsden Baptist Church
Bearsden Baptist Church

A heartless thief stole a generator worth hundreds of pounds which had been loaned to the organisers of a recent charity event in Bearsden.

The Honda generator, which costs about £400 to buy new, was being used to provide some additional security for the Mission Aviation Fellowship’s Cessna plane by generating electricity to provide a floodlight at night while it was parked outside in the car park.

However it was swiped by someone the day before the coffee and craft morning which had been organised to raise money for MAF, a Christian charity which flies out to remote parts of the world to provide medical aid.

The event organisers believe that the generator was taken sometime on Thursday evening or in the early hours of Friday morning.

Stan Paliwoda, MAF Area Representative, said: “Whoever took it would have struggled as it’s very bulky and awkward to carry.

“They also would have needed a vehicle of some sort to take it away as it was very heavy.

“We are very disappointed that this happened.

“Sadly it shows the nasty side of humanity. Someone sadly just saw an opportunity.

“We will now have to take funds from the amount we raised at the event to pay back the cost of the generator.

“This means that less money will go to this very worthwhile charity which saves lives across the world.

“Many people contributed a lot of time and effort to this event.

“People baked cakes and manned stalls and made sure that people had a good time.

“It’s a real shame that it only takes one fly in the ointment to change your perception of things.

“It was otherwise a very successful and happy day for everyone who took part and raised a lot of money for MAF.”

MAF was very active in the recent ebola crisis, flying medical teams and equipment to the worst affected areas.

They have since established a new permanent presence in Liberia.

MAF has also helped in the disaster relief following two massive earthquakes in Nepal last year.

If you would like to help pay for the cost of replacing the generator please drop money into Bearsden Baptist Church in an envelope marked ‘MAF’.

If you saw anything suspicious contact the police on their non emergency number 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to remain anonymous.