Thieves cream cash off Facebook pensioner

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A SILVER surfer has become the latest victim of an online cosmetics scam.

Doreen Jobson signed up to receive face cream for just £2.95 in December after seeing an advert on the social networking site Facebook.

The Bishopbriggs woman later discovered two payments for £74.95 had been swiped from her account under the name Agios Domatica, which she says is a company based in Cyprus.

Doreen contacted her bank and they explained she had been the victim of an online scam and put an immediate stop on the payments.

Doreen said: “I saw the advert on Facebook and thought it was a good offer.

“I put my direct debit card details in and thought nothing more of it.”

She added: “I was busy over the Christmas period and the first chance I got to check my bank statements properly was January. That’s when I noticed the money had been taken.”

Doreen did receive the cream and a leaflet with Perfect Radiance written on it.

The PO Box address for the company was in Linlithgow, but when she tried to contact them the phone rang out.

She says that Facebook have now removed the offer.

She said: “I feel foolish more than anything. I shop online all the time and this has never happened to me before.”

As Doreen paid by debit card, she is still waiting to hear from her bank if it will be possible to get her money back.

East Dunbartonshire Trading Standards has warned people to be extra vigilant when shopping online.

They’ve advised consumers to carry out a quick internet search to help identify scammers. They also said you should know who you are dealing with and make a record of the suppliers’ landline number and address and always look for the closed padlock icon at the bottom of the screen.