Thieves plumb the depths – nicking Joe’s dishwasher while he repaired it

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A STUNNED plumber was left speechless when thieves stole a dishwasher he was repairing.

Joseph had left the stripped-down appliance overnight in the driveway at his home in Morar Crescent, Bishopbriggs.

He had planned to install a new pump in the dishwasher the next day, but opportunist thieves swiped it before he could finish the job.

Joseph said: “I wouldn’t have bothered if they thought they were doing me a favour by uplifting it.

“But I didn’t leave it on the pavement, I left it on my driveway as I was still working on it.

“They would have had to come up the drive to take it.

“It just shows that you really need to be extra vigilant when leaving valuable metal around.”

It is not the first time the unlucky plumber has been the target of metal thieves over the past year. He says radiators and a washbasin have also been stolen.

He added: “It’s clearly a problem in this area.

“I know some people may think these items are going in the rubbish for scrap, but they could at least chap your door and ask you if they can have them before they take them.”

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