Thieves steal lead from church roof

A congregation was left counting the cost this week after callous thieves stole lead from their church's roof.

St Cyprian's Episcopal Church, in Lenzie, was targeted sometime between 6pm on Saturday, June 19, and 9.30am the following morning, prior to the Sunday service.

Lead was stolen from the main roof of the church and the link corridor.

The congregation is now counting the cost of the theft, which is estimated to be more than 500.

And members are now looking at the possibility of installing CCTV at the church, in Beech Road.

St Cyprian's minister, the Reverend Moira Jamieson, said: "Someone who turned up for early service on the Sunday noticed slates lying on the ground.

"One of the wheelie bins had been taken round the back and it must have been used to carry the lead to a vehicle.

"The problem is the insurance company said they are only prepared to pay half the costs, because we should have had special paint on the lead so that if it's sold on to a reputable dealer, it could be identified as stolen."

Anyone with information about the theft from the church roof is asked to contact Kirkintilloch police office on 0141 532 4400.