Thousands helped back to work by a three year scheme

More than 6,000 people have been helped into work by an innovative scheme over the past three years.

North Lanarkshire Council’s Youth Investment Programme was set up in February 2012 to tackle joblessless, with a focus on young people who were finding it especially tough to get into work following the financial crash.

The programme works closely with employers who can benefit from a 50 per cent wage subsidy when hiring jobless people from North Lanarkshire.

The original aim was to commit £15million to help 5,000 into work, but recent figures show that the scheme has helped over 1,000 more people to find employment within the timescale.

North Lanarkshire’s regeneration convener, Councillor David Fagan, said: “Helping 6,000 people into work is a fantastic achievement and I want to congratulate everyone involved.

“I’m sure we will continue to assist many more people into work in 2016.”