Threat from above ... Kirky shoppers dive for cover from pigeon poo

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SQUADRONS of pigeons nesting in crumbling town centre shops and buildings are causing a health hazard.

That’s the view of one Kirkintilloch resident after spotting birds nesting in rotten shop fascias above parts of the town’s Cowgate.

The man said: “This is an obvious health hazard for anyone walking underneath.

“A toxic mix of water, pigeon fleas and poo - not ideal if it were to fall on any food or sweets being eaten, and very dangerous in wet or frosty conditions.”

Kenny Simpson, East Dunbartonshire Council’s head of housing and community services, assured the Herald that he would keep an eye on the problem.

He said: “The council does not provide a pest control service for birds, including pigeons. Typically it is specialist pest control contractors that deal with birds, because of the type of control measures used, which may include bird netting systems on buildings, bird spikes, spring and wire systems, or more extreme measures in problem areas, such as nest and egg removal.”

He added: “From an environmental health perspective the council will monitor the situation. If deemed appropriate we will increase the frequency in which this stretch of pavement is cleaned and take the matter up with the proprietors of the Cowgate properties with a view to discuss the provision of bird control measures.”

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