Tigers go wild for new kids’ bowling sessions

Bowling success
Bowling success

A campaign to recruit the next generation of stars to the green has seen membership numbers swell at Stepps Bowling Club.

The club’s junior ‘Tigers’ section is growing impressively after the club took a proactive approach to youth recruitment last June.

In 2014 the club registered 26 children, aged eight to 15 years, as members. During the bowling season around 18 children, while 14 attended the monthly indoor sessions at Cumbernauld.

Always on the lookout to take the game into the community the club last weekend offered coaching through North Lanarkshire’s Active Sports department.

Over 60 people took part in indoor coaching on short and long carpets, whilst others played games with friends and family.

Club convener James Dalrymple said: “It was a very worthwhile day and I would imagine we will be adding a few new members as a result.

“Our participation with other North Lanarkshire events has shown that people of all ages are wanting to learn the game.

“And we have found that bowls is attracting children who appreciate the ability to focus, take time and enjoy the sport as part of a team.”

In the newest stage of its development, the club summer plans to get involved with GlasBowl over the summer.

Tigers season starts on April 12 at 11am at Stepps Bowling Club. For more information go to www.steppsbowlingclub.co.uk