Toilet users are becoming a real inconvenience

Former toilets in Milngavie
Former toilets in Milngavie

A nail salon in Milngavie has been so overwhelmed by the number of people who ask to use their toilet that they have to turn people away.

USA Q Nails moved into the former tourist information building on Douglas Street in April last year, and as part of their terms they agreed to allow the public to continue to use the toilet during opening hours.

But they say their business is suffering because upwards of 100 people ask to use it some days, including groups of about 20 to 30 walkers with large backpacks.

The owner of USA Q Nails Lena said: “At least 50 people ask to use our toilet every day.

“This is a small shop and we don’t have space for a lot of people with big bags.

“A few people would be OK or if people use it in an emergency, but this is too much.

“My customers complain about too many people coming in.

“The council promised new public toilets soon and I thought this arrangement would just be for a short time.

“I want to help, but this is too difficult.”

The owner of the Iron Chef on Mugdock Road, Gilbert McVean, says at least 50 to 100 people per day ask where the public toilets are.

East Dunbartonshire Council sold the public toilets on Mugdock Road two years ago to save money.

Old signs for them have been adding to the confusion and traders had to cover them up.

Gilbert McVean said: “I wouldn’t expect the nail salon to have to put up with over 100 people asking to use their toilet every day - that’s a ridiculous situation.

“A lot of people have complained about a man with a backpack who urinated at Milngavie train station - just as the schools were coming out.

“It’s really shocking that we still don’t have a public toilet.”

Thomas Glen, EDC Depute Chief Executive, said: “Public toilet facilities are available in the town hall and library during opening hours.

“The council allocated £50,000 capital funding to the Youth Centre for refurbishment - including the provision of a public toilet facility - and the youth centre has been progressing these works.

“Toilet provision remains available within the nail salon premises at 15 Douglas Street, Milngavie, as well as being provided for customers and service users at many other town centre retail outlets.”

The youth cafe toilets were scheduled to open in March/April this year but they have been delayed by a further three to four months.