Tom takes chemo campaign to the Scottish Parliament

A campaigner fighting to have chemotherapy services delivered at the ‘new’ Stobhill Hospital is taking his plea to the Scottish Parliament.

Lenzie man Tom Herbert is meeting this week with Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie and his health spokesman Jim Hume at Holyrood to enlist their support.

Tom said: “I hope they will take ownership of our Stobhill need and raise the matter as a cross-party issue.

“I intend to widen the fight for patients’ rights.

“I would particularly like a review of the number of patients within the Stobhill catchment area - by postcode - who have to travel to the Beatson for chemotherapy.”

James Sandeman, Secretary of the Scottish Health Campaigns network (SHCN) which supports the chemo camaign, is joining Tom for the meeting at Holyrood.

Tom added: “It is unacceptable for people from this area to have to travel to the Beatson for their chemo when it could be delivered at Stobhill, saving them a very tiring and unnecessary long journey.”

Last week, GGCHB chief executive Robert Calderwood put forward a proposal for patients from East Dunbartonshire to have chemo at a new unit at Monklands Hospital. But Tom said he saw no advantage for patients to undergo an hour and a half long bus journey to the Airdrie hospital and has been supported by local people, who described the plan as “ludricous” and “making no sense.” on the Herald’s Facebook page.