Tory government “lame duck” after Queen’s Speech, say East Dunbartonshire MSPs

Rona Mackay MSP
Rona Mackay MSP

East Dunbartonshire’s MSPs have branded the Tory government a “lame duck” following an “empty” Queen’s Speech.

Her Majesty delivered the Tory government’s policy programme for the next two years this morning in Westminster Palace.

MSPs have criticised the lack of policy inside and branded the moment “embarrassing” and “humiliating”.

Rona Mackay, MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, said: “What is clear from the Queen’s Speech is Theresa May is leading a lame duck government. She may well be in office but she is not in power.

“The programme of government outlined by the Queen has nothing in it to address the economy and support austerity-hit public services.

“The Tories have ditched all of their flagship policies because they are too weak to push anything through – this is an embarrassing moment for them.

“How on earth can we expect these people to lead Brexit negotiations if they cannot even deliver a programme of government?

“The Tories have dragged Scotland and the rest of the UK through the mud thanks to their party infighting over the last few years. I wish them luck for the Brexit negotiation – they’ll need it — and echo calls for Scotland to have her seat at the table.”

Gil Paterson, MSP for Clydebank and Milngavie, said: “How can we expect this bunch to go into Brexit negotiations with the EU after presenting plans to do virtually nothing in government over the next two years and come out with a good deal?

“The Queen’s Speech was another humiliating moment for the Tory government, which has sealed itself as a lame duck administration.

“It’s all very sad, though, that a party’s infighting can inflict so much damage not just to the countries of the UK, but to our European allies as well.

“I am proud of the Scottish Parliament, SNP government and our MPs as we show a unified, competent approach to governing Scotland. It is in stark contrast to the mess going on in London.”