Town hall refurb starts to gather momentum

Kirkintilloch Town Hall
Kirkintilloch Town Hall

Exciting plans to transform an iconic building into a centre for heritage, arts, culture and community use are taking shape.

The long-cherished dream of rejuvenating Kirkintilloch Town Hall is closer than ever to reality, with a planning application due to be submitted next month.

East Dunbartonshire Council will also be progressing its bid for support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) - potentially taking the secured funding tally to more than £2.1million.

Next month will mark 109 years since the town hall was opened. It closed its doors in 2004 and since then efforts have been ongoing to see it revamped and reopened.

Work is currently due to take place on the exterior of the town hall - restoring and replacing stonework where required.

It is hoped to submit a planning application for the whole project next month with a view to work starting on the interior of the town hall in January 2016. It is due to take around a year.

There will be an opportunity for members of the public to get more information and detail on what is planned in the coming weeks.

The new Kirkintilloch Town Hall facility will retain and improve the iconic façade, but inside will include modern facilities including an events space with a 300 person capacity, a heritage display area, a new entrance, reception and vestibule.

To complement this mix of uses and achieve the maximum impact from the town hall, an adjoining extension is being considered as part of the final design.

It is estimated the revamp of the B-listed building into a centre for heritage, arts, culture and community use will cost approximately £4.9million.

The town hall was identified as a priority in the Council’s Kirkintilloch Masterplan, following detailed community consultation, and then included within the Council’s important 10-year Capital Investment Programme.

Council leader Rhondda Geekie said: “I am delighted that work has been continuing steadily on Kirkintilloch Town Hall - bringing us ever closer to the rejuvenation of a local landmark.

“It has not always been obvious, but work has never stopped towards achieving the goal of a new centre for heritage, arts, culture and community activity in the heart of Kirkintilloch.”

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