LETTER: Disruption - are Lenzie works worth the wait?

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Sir, – It comes of course to those affected by the disruption and inconvenience as being disappointing that Kirkintilloch Road is to remain closed at Lenzie for much longer than the originally stipulated

10 weeks. It is now, we are told, to remain closed until June 9. However, it does not come as a great surprise.

We now appear in this country to have developed something of a record for public projects to take much longer than originally anticipated. It is difficult to see how, if this job had been properly and efficiently organised and planned, ‘‘unforeseen issues’’ could have arisen ‘‘in relation to utilities’’.

Unforeseen by whom ? No doubt further down the road we will be hearing about increased project costs.

It is becoming increasingly doubtful to expect that local residents and shopkeepers will look on at the finished article, whenever that might come, and conclude that all the time, effort, inconvenience, loss of

business, and expense were worthwhile. – Yours, etc.,

Ian W Thomson

38 Kirkintilloch Road