Traffic headache on Milngavie Road

Traffic disruption near the Cala Homes development on Milngavie Road.
Traffic disruption near the Cala Homes development on Milngavie Road.

People are angry that traffic has been brought to a standstill along Milngavie Road.

Temporary traffic lights at the new housing development on Milngavie Road have resulted in long tailbacks and gridlock at the Waitrose roundabout in Milngavie.

Cala Homes started working on the access road to the Allander Leisure Centre at the junction with Milngavie Road on April 1.

The work, which includes widening the junction, providing an additional lane on the exit from the access road, road surfacing, kerbing works, street lighting and water main diversion works, is expected to last for a further four to six weeks.

The temporary traffic signals are being manually controlled between 7am and 7pm, each day.

Victor Budas, Vice President of The Burnbrae Resident’s Association in Bearsden, said; “People are getting really annoyed by the constant traffic chaos along Milngavie Road.

“It is quite horrendous and very dangerous because the emergency services can’t get along the road.

“I watched an ambulance trying to get past the traffic, motorists went up on the pavement to let it through and cones had to be removed.

“We never had these problems before the Bears Way cycle lane was installed - the road is much narrower now with only one lane.

“This is the school Easter holiday just now so it’s quieter than usual but traffic has been backed up.

“I dread to see what it’s like when the schools go back.

“The temporary traffic lights need to be better controlled.

“They really need someone on a radio at Waitrose and Hillfoot to alert them when traffic builds up.”

People have also been commenting on M&B Herald’s facebook page.

Lesley Cowie said: “Got caught up in them this morning and on Sunday. Going to be a nightmare when the schools go back next week.”

Susan Ferguson said: “Just sat in it there and back to Asda....can’t even slip over Boclair Road coz that’s closed!”

Boclair Road was closed on Tuesday, April 11 from 9.30am to 3.30pm to allow three trees to be felled for safety reasons.

Thomas Glen, depute chief executive - place, neighbourhood & corporate assets, said: “The council is not directly involved in the works currently being carried out by a contractor for Cala Homes at the junction of Milngavie Road and the access road to Allander Leisure Centre. However, the council has contacted Cala as regards minimising disruption during the works and ensuring they are completed to the timescales advised.

“Temporary traffic lights are in operation in a bid to minimise delays. Works were also programmed over the Easter holidays in an attempt to minimise disruption.”

A spokesperson for CALA Homes (West) said: “We are working hard to complete the road improvement works in the timescale and are doing all that we can to minimise the impact on road users in the area.

“We worked closely with the local authority on the start date, selecting the Easter holidays to reduce the impact as much as possible.

“The temporary traffic lights that are in place are being closely monitored with timings being adjusted on a regular basis to reduce disruption during periods of high traffic volume.

“We hope to have the work completed as quickly as possible and believe that road users will see a significant improvement when finished.”