Traffic nightmare 
as snow strikes

A Bearsden garden after Friday's snowfall. Pretty to look at - but it's chaos on the roads for commuters

East Dunbartonshire Council has come under more criticism after Friday’s heavy snowfall , with a traffic nightmare for commuters.

According to residents, many areas were caught off guard with roads and pavements left untreated.

However, the council said they covered all primary routes in the area overnight.

But gritting services in East Dunbartonshire have been heavily criticised, with locals voicing their displeasure.

On Baljaffray Road in Bearsden cars were reportedly stuck due to the snow as late as 10am on Friday morning.

Businesses on Milngavie Road also sent out warnings to customers about the condition of the surrounding roads.

Residents say several of these roads were still not safe to drive on despite efforts.

Thomas Glen, Depute Chief Executive said on Friday: “Teams are on standby 24/7 throughout the winter to keep roads and pavements as snow and ice-free as we possibly can.

“This is not an easy task as conditions can change rapidly, but our on-call duty officer checks a dedicated forecasting service specific to East Dunbartonshire - three times a day and uses this to make a decision on what action is required to keep our roads safe.

“We also have road condition sensor stations at various locations which give information on the current road condition, road surface temperature and the amount of residual salt.

“Crews were treating primary routes in advance of snowfalls - from 6pm last night (Thursday) and again from 4am this morning - however, the conditions have been challenging across Scotland and beyond”.

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