Travellers hold firm after council chiefs call police to Lennoxtown site

The travellers site after vandals struck in 2009
The travellers site after vandals struck in 2009

A community of travelling people have moved onto a dedicated site near Lennoxtown five years after it was last occupied.

But they did not get a warm welcome - with East Dunbartonshire Council calling the police in an attempt to get them to move on.

The site in Primrose Way, which cost over £800,000 to build, was badly damaged by unidentified vandals in 2009.

The council have cleared the site in preparation for new pitches, but say the site is still “unsafe” due to open manhole covers and other hazards.

Grace Irvine, the council’s director of neighbourhood services said: “Given its unsafe condition, our Housing Manager visited the site on Friday with the police, to ask the travellers to move on.

“Following discussions it was clear that they did not have another site to move to.

“As no other stopping site could be found within the authority and this location is still regarded as a travelling persons site, then neither the council nor the police could legally take any action.”

On the Herald’s Facebook page, readers were almost universally supportive of the travellers.

One Lennoxtown resident said: “So long as it is kept tidy and the folks are law abiding I don’t have an issue. You could have far worse neighbours move to a house nearby and they would be more or less permanent.