Tune in for ‘Girl on Girl’ action

Elizabeth Findlay (Liz Baillie) presenter for East Dunbartonshire radio show 'Girl on Girl'.
Elizabeth Findlay (Liz Baillie) presenter for East Dunbartonshire radio show 'Girl on Girl'.

A former Bearsden Academy pupil who presents a women’s chat show on East Dunbartonshire radio says it’s their answer to ITV’s Loose Women.

Elizabeth Findlay (34), who is known as Liz Baillie on the radio, has been a presenter of the “Girl on Girl” show for the past year and a half.

It’s broadcast live every Saturday from 1pm until 3pm and debates a variety of issues from topical national news stories to local news articles and comments on their facebook page from listeners.

They also have regular features including women in history who have been forgotten and not got the recognition they deserved.

Elizabeth got involved in this voluntary role because she was helping to record newspaper articles for the blind in the same recording studio in Bishopbriggs which they now use for the radio station.

She said: “It’s great fun.

“I never really know from one week to the next what we will be talking about so it’s always something new and interesting.

“Last week after the tragic death of Peaches Geldof we talked about attachment parenting as she believed passionately in it.

“We’ve also talked about fairies and the supernatural after we saw a photo posted online which claimed it showed ‘real fairies.’”

Elizabeth also wanted to get involved in working on the radio station because she has knowledge of sound production after studying film production and acting at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow.

It seems there is never a dull moment for Elizabeth as when she’s not presenting her radio show she is acting - just last week she had a small part in the popular Glasgow based soap ‘River City.’

She added: “It was a bit surreal - I found myself sitting in a hairdresser on the set of River City!”

To listen to the show go to www.edradio.co.uk and click on ‘listen live’