Two dozen burned for £50 after being caught throwing away butts

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A ZERO tolerance crackdown on smokers who drop their cigarette ends on the street is continuing, despite concerns that not enough is being done.

East Dunbartonshire Council launched a zero-tolerance approach to the unsightly litter problem on Monday, March 12.

Up until Friday last week, 24 fixed penalty fines of £50 had been issued, including 15 in Kirkintilloch and four in Bishopbriggs.

Several fines were issued over the previous weekend, when enforcement officers patrolled streets with police.

Meanwhile, pub and restaurant bosses were given advice on how they could stop littering outside their premises. But one Kirkintilloch resident believes the council should be doing more to ensure the campaign is taken seriously.

She said: “I walk down the main shopping street in Kirkintilloch every day and see people dropping cigarettes and other pieces of litter all the time.

“If the council have only caught 15 people in Kirkintilloch then they can’t be looking very hard. I could catch that many people in half an hour.

“So many people are still getting away with it, so I don’t think the campaign is going to make the slightest bit of difference.

“What we need is a permanent presence in town to enforce the law.”

David Devine, the council’s head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “Last week officers issued a total of 24 Fixed Penalty Notices.

“As well as patrolling town centres during the day, environmental wardens carried out joint patrols with the police in the evenings over the weekend. During these patrols, in addition to attending to fixed penalty notices, officers attended many of the licensed premises to remind people of the campaign and to let license holders know extra bins are available if required.”

He added: “Cigarette litter is unsightly and affects the cleanliness of our streets, therefore this campaign is not just about issuing fines, but is also about ensuring our town centres are kept clean.

“We would urge residents to dispose of their cigarette litter responsibly - or face being issued with a fine.”

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