Unveiled – the council’s £7.3million scheme to revamp roads

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IS your area down to be revamped in bumper year for roads and pavements? Check below...

Kirkintilloch, Bishopbriggs, Lennoxtown and Milton of Campsie are among the areas in line for a revamp in the coming year.

Nearly £7.3million will be used to resurface roads, improve street lighting, strengthen bridges, upgrade traffic signals and signs, and carry out drainage work.

Council chiefs have also launched a Pothole Action Plan.

A programme of road repairs – worth £7.295million – was agreed at a recent meeting of East Dunbartonshire Council’s development and infrastructure committee.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services at the council, said: “Our programme of works is set out in advance on a priority basis in tackling all parts of the network.

“However, as well as sticking to that very important proactive plan, we aim to be flexible and reactive to ensure that defects, like potholes, are repaired as quickly as possible.

“With the worst of the wintry weather hopefully behind us, we have launched our Pothole Action Plan for the extensive repair of potholes in towns and villages across East Dunbartonshire.”

The latest programme of works runs from April to next March.

Councillor Billy Hendry, covener of development and infrastructure, said: “I’m absolutely delighted. We’re going in the right direction. It’s not going to solve the problems overnight, but I’m proud we’re doing what we can.”

The Pothole Action Plan has been drawn up to target the worst hit areas of East Dunbartonshire.

The “concerted pothole repair exercise” will kick off in April and will include areas such as Twechar, Lenzie, Lennoxtown, Torrance, Bardowie and Balmore.

The roads revamp includes:


Kelvin Drive, Kirkintilloch (C/way & F/ways), £95,000; B8048 Waterside Road, Kirkintilloch, £75,000; Merkland Drive, Kirkintilloch, £95,000; Langmuir Road, Part of Badenoch, Kirkintilloch, £79,000; Monkland Ave, Crossburn Ave & Gallowhill Grove, Kirkintilloch, £55,000; Myrtle Avenue, Lenzie (C/way & F/ways), £85,000; Victoria Road & Albert Drive, Lenzie, £78,000; Crow Road, Lennoxtown (from carpark upwards), £84,000; Cairnview Road & Hillside Terrace, Milton of Campsie, £70,000; St Mary’s Road, Bishopbriggs, £72,000; Muirton Drive, Bishopbriggs, £53,000; Hilton Park/Allander/Caldergate, Bishopbriggs, £45,000; Lee Crescent, Bishopbriggs, £35,000; Buchanan Drive & Crescent, Bishopbriggs, £50,000; Brechin Road, Bishopbriggs, £27,000; Montrose Terrace, Bishopbriggs, £30,000; Main Street, Lennoxtown (Service Street to Main Street), £95,000; Garngaber Avenue, Lenzie, £20,000; William Patrick Carpark Area, £30,000; Kirkintilloch Road, Bishopbriggs (at shops north bound), £50,000; Kilsyth Road, Kirkintilloch (Mews to Industrial Estate), £87,000; Barraston Road, Torrance (from village), £45,000; Craigmaddie Road, Balmore (middle section), £45,000; Torrance Road (Canal bridge down to farm), £160,000; Crosshill Road, Bishopbriggs (from prison eastwards), £150,000; Brackenbrae Avenue (from Kenmure Avenue end), £26,000; Eastside Bridge, £20,000.

Carriageway Surface Treatments:

Andrew Avenue area, Lenzie, £35,000, proprietary surface treatment (Ralumac); Angus Avenue area, Bishopbriggs, £35,000; Holyknowe Road/Crescent, £35,000; Sauchinhall area, Kirkintilloch, £90,000, carriageway recycling process (retread); Southbraes Road, Lennoxtown, £90,000; Lindsaybeg Road, Lenzie, £30,000, carriageway surface dressing; Auchinairn Road, Bishopbriggs, £25,000.

Carriageways Structural Strengthening – £510,000, areas to be identified throughout the year.

Upgrading Housing C/Ws & F/Ws and Lock-Ups Sub Total – £200,000, locations to be identified and prioritised.

Footway Structural Schemes:

Sandra Road, Bishopbriggs (kerbs & footways), £20,000; Gallowhill Avenue, Lenzie (kerbs, footways & verges), £50,000; Market Road, Kirkintilloch (footways & spot kerbing), £45,000.

Footway Surface Treatments:

Dalkeith Avenue & Friar Avenue, Bishopbriggs, £20,000; Beaufort Drive, Kirkintilloch, £6,000; Alexandra Street, Kirkintilloch, £7,000; Kerr Street, Kirkintilloch, £6,000; Shells Road, Kirkintilloch, £7,000; Glenward Avenue, Lennoxtown, £11,000; Limetree Walk, £6,000; Craighead Road, Milton of Campsie, £3,000.

Street Lighting:

Ellisland footpaths, Kirkintilloch Phase 3, £29,000; Redmoss Road area, Milton of Campsie, £27,000; Hilton Terrace, Bishopbriggs, £27,000; Muirpark area, Bishopbriggs, £40,000; Lindsaybeg Road, Lenzie, £42,000; Angus Avenue, Lane, £28,000; Glenwood, Thornwood, Pinewood, Lenzie PH1, £30,000; Ronaldsay Drive area, Bishopbriggs PH1, £40,000; Watermill Avenue, Lenzie PH1, £30,000.

Cemeteries and playparks:

Old Aisle Cemetery, Kirkintilloch, £40,000; Campsie Cemetery, Lennoxtown, £45,000; Meadowburn Park, Bishopbriggs, £20,000; Old Railway Walkway, Lenzie (Whitegates to Garngaber Avenue), £20,000; Woodhead Park, Kirkintilloch.

Play Area Improvements – £150,000, locations to be prioritised.

Colqhoun Park fence (completion) – £45,000.


Upgrade traffic signal supply pillars, £12,000; Waterside Road/Merkland Drive, Kirkintilloch, equipment upgrade, £22,000; Lenzie Road, Donaldson Street, Kirkintilloch, £31,000; Speed Limit Review, gateway features, Milton of Campsie, Torrance, £40,000; Disabled Persons Parking Aid, £80,000; Road Signs Upgrade, £70,000; Rural Route Action Plans (accident sites), £35,000; Civic Pride Improvements, £95,000; Windyhills/Baljaffray Road, £25,000; Easter Garngaber traffic calming, £50,000 Roads Maintenance Management System, £20,000.


Grid replacement programme at Southbank Road, Kirkintilloch, £50,000; Beechtree Terrace, Milton of Campsie, £10,000; Balmuildy Road, Bishopbriggs, woodlands/various, £15,000; Westerhill Road, Bishopbriggs at Harper Collins, £10,000; Fossil Grove, Kirkintilloch Phase 2, £35,000; Crosshill Street, Lennoxtown, £10,000; Viola Place, Torrance, £5,000; A891 Antermony Road at Silver Birch, £3,000; Twechar Gully replacements PH1, £20,000; Tower Road, Hillhead Farm, Torrance, £10,000; Crow Road, Lennoxtown, £100,000; River Kelvin Flood Prevention, £20,000; Various flood locations prioritised on annual basis, £85,000; Flood mitigation at Myrtle Avenue/Middlemuir Avenue, Lenzie, £500,000.


Hungryside Bridge, Torrance, £280,000; Goyle Bridge, £118,000; Structural Bridge Protection, £20,000; Cawder Footbridge, Bishopbriggs, replacement, £130,000; Bridge strengthening/replacement, Duntocher Road, Bishopbriggs Park, £70,000.

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