Urgent call for new Allander train station and car park

Milngavie Train station car park
Milngavie Train station car park

Kelvin Valley Railway Group is

urging the council to act fast and provide a new car park for commuters to save the area’s valuable train service.

Gavin Templeton, who is a member of Kelvin Valley Railway Group which meets monthly in Milngavie, says the council urgently needs to create a new train station near the Allander Leisure Centre with 500 car parking spaces.

He fears that Milngavie and Bearsden may end up with a reduced train service if this doesn’t happen soon – because less people are using the trains due to a lack of parking.

He said: “I’ve seen drivers searching for spaces in Milngavie Station car park, then driving away in frustration.

“A major part of the business case to retain the Westerton to Milngavie railway is to accommodate the vast amount of car using commuters from around Milngavie, the Campsie Glen and Kelvin Valley.

“This is effectively under attack due to the limited parking provision, leaving our rail service vulnerable.

“The Allander Rail Halt commuter station needs to be established now to provide for the car users who are now giving up trying to use our rail link.

“We may face a reduced service or withdrawal of the line if there is a failure to adapt to the clear and changing needs of commuters.”

And he thinks the introduction of parking charges has made the situation worse.

Thomas Glen, depute chief executive of place, neighbourhood & corporate assets, said: “The council is currently out to tender for a study – required by Transport Scotland and other organisations – which will investigate transport options for the A81, including a potential station in the Allander area and parking options.

“This study will inform a Transport Options Report which the Council will publish for consultation – setting out future projects.

“Improvements are currently being delivered at a number of car parks, alongside enhanced walking and cycling access to stations and town centres.

“All of these projects aim to ensure that rail stations are as accessible as possible.”