Valerie’s hitting the catwalk


Valerie Gillies celebrated much more than her landmark 50th birthday this year – it’s also the 10th anniversary of the operations that saved her life.

And to mark it in style she’s starring as a model in the forthcoming sell-out spectacular “The Show” at the Radisson Blu Hotel, in Glasgow, on November 4.

It’s being staged in aid of Breast Cancer Care, a charity which means the world to Valerie, from Bishopbriggs.

“I was lucky because I had a ‘high grade’ cancer but was treated early,” she said.

“I had three different lots of operations and a masectomy. That was all 10 years ago, and it was because of that special anniversary that I was keen to appear in the show.”

Besides boosting Breast Cancer Care’s efforts she will be sending out a strong message that the disease can be beaten, and that with prompt modern medical attention women diagnosed with cancer have everything to fight for – and every hope of winning.

Valerie has had strong support from her family and friends throughout and has used every opportunity to further the Breast Cancer Care cause.

Her 50th birthday was also a fundraiser, held in Auchinairn Bowling Club. Around 120 women not only enjoyed a great evening, but also raised £1,640 for the charity’s funds.

For Valerie – surrounded by her nearest and dearest – it was both a personal triumph and another way of flagging up a charity crusade she reckons deserves the strongest possible support.

Sisters Fiona and Janice, daughter Kayleigh and niece Lorna, have been to the fore in the continuing effort to boost the fundraising.

They, and Valerie’s many friends, are only too well aware of the vital work carried out by Breast Cancer Care to help women who are often at their lowest ebb – and who can benefit massively from the service the charity provides.

Valerie, recently interviewed on TV about her fashion mission, said: “The show at the Radisson Blu sold out ages ago, but they’re still accepting donations for raffle prizes, and that’s a great way of helping.”

She added: “All of the models appearing have been diagnosed with cancer so it’s a great way of getting the message across.”