Vandals set fire to wheely bins

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Vandals have been causing havoc for residents in a village in North Lanarkshire after stealing their bins and 
torching them.

The thugs have also been 
setting fire to a wooden bridge leading to a 
nature path in the Kelvin Drive area of Moodiesburn.

Cllr John McLaren and resident Bob Oswald at the fire damaged bridge.

Cllr John McLaren and resident Bob Oswald at the fire damaged bridge.

Councillor John McLaren has been highlighting the 
problem faced by local people.

He said: “People’s wheely bins are regularly being set on fire.

“It’s become a real problem in the area.”

A police spokesperson said extra patrols had been set up in the area to tackle the problem.

Police have also been issuing lockable chains to enable residents to secure their bins to a wall in their garden in an 
effort to thwart the thugs.

They are appealing to people to take advantage of the free service to stop their bins being targeted.

She said: “We have had a number of reports of vandals grabbing wheely bins from people’s back gardens.

“They are being dragged to this glen area and set on fire.

“This has been happening since the beginning of the year and we are now advising residents to chain up their bins.

“The chains we are providing also stop vandals opening the lid and setting fire to any rubbish inside.

“If you would like a chain please get in touch with your local police office by dialling 101.”

She added: “The bins should be chained to a wall NOT a fence as it can easily go up in flames.”

Anyone who knows who is responsible or who has witnessed the incidents is urged to contact the police or anonymously on Crimestoppers 0800 555 111.

A firebrigade spokesperson added: “Not only are these mindless acts of vandalism, but they are also incredibly dangerous.

“It is also very inconvenient for the residents whose bins have been damaged and somebody is going to have to bear the cost of replacing them.”